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A recent EPA study suggests that 80% of pesticide exposure occurs indoors and that measurable levels of up to a dozen pesticides have been found in the air inside homes! Bright Organics Home and Garden eliminates the potential of exposure from your living space right from the start! In the air, carpet, counter or cupboard, every home shares it’s resources with these tiny, often unseen invaders. Pesticides are available for most common household insect pests, but these potent chemical compounds may be more harmful to you and the environment than the pests.

Benefits of Bright Organic for Home and Garden
•Home pest control kills and repels over 100 home invading pests
•Safe to use around children and pets
•Made from a patented blend of organic plant oils
•Non-toxic, plant-based formula

All our products are OMRI Listed®. The available packaging has been tailored to facilitate product use.

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